Woman builds bed from Ikea drawers in a bid to give herself more room

Trying to manage your living space in a studio flat is a seemingly impossible task, but one woman has discovered a unique trick which gives her ample storage space without taking up any more room than her bed.

Whitley Spinnler, a coach and personal trainer, posted a video of her hack her Instagram account @wspinn – as she made her own bedframe out of various drawers from Ikea.

The woman took two Kallax storage units and two Malm drawers to build a square base, and rested a slated base on top before adding her mattress.

She wrote on her Instagram video: “How I created a lot of storage by building a bed out of IKEA closets. Small studio apartment ideas.”

Whitley also explained how she utilises the storage space, since some of it is hidden by her mattress.

She added: “And to answer all of your questions about how I enter the Kallax: I used these so I can store stuff under the bed. I don’t have any other ways to store stuff … I just have this room and that’s it. So I made this bed to create as much storage as I possibly could!

“I flip the mattress and in the middle I put stuff and in the Kallax I put stuff, and it’s super handy and nice to have this kind of storage. No furniture is wasted and the bed lasts! It’s very comfortable and I tried jumping up and down on the bed. It still stands!”

What Whitley used to make her bed:
2 MALM drawers 160×78
1 KALLAX 77×147
1 KALLAX 77×77
A piece of wood to make the KALLAX on the side even, because it’s lower than the MALM
Slated base 140×200
The woman’s video has received over 96,000 likes, and people can’t get enough of the space-saving trick.

One commenter wrote: “Wow, this is smart!”

And another added: “Oh my god, I will definitely do this and give you credit!”

While a third posted: “This is genius!”