‘My husband demands I strip for a full-body inspection after his work trip’

A woman said that her husband insists on inspecting her naked body whenever he returns from a work trip – and that the ritual creeps her out.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that initially she didn’t realise what her husband was doing – putting it down to a strange type of foreplay.

But then, after one trip away, he found a scratch on her back and grilled her with questions – and ever since she’s found his actions unsettling.

Recently, he returned from one of his trips and asked his wife to strip for an inspection but she refused – and now the man is acting distant with her.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “It started to bother me, so I decided to see if it was just foreplay to him or if he really felt the need to inspect every inch of my body.

“He got home a few days ago from a trip. Like usual, he immediately tells me to take my clothes off but this time I told him no and he said he wanted to look at me.

“I told him I wasn’t feeling good, and I didn’t want to have sex. He responded that we didn’t need to have sex, he just wanted to look at me.

“I got upset at him at this point and I told him I didn’t want him to look but it came across more aggressive than I meant it.

“Ever since, he has been acting cold and distant. In the entire seven years we have been together, he has never, not once turned sex down when I initiate but he did yesterday.

“I tried talking about it but he shut me down completely. He’s never acted like this before. I’ve said no to sex many times and he’s never been upset about it.

“We’ve never had any other issues and he has always been a wonderful, loving husband so I don’t know how to handle this.”

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users rushed to the post to comment and give advice.

One user said: “This is literally the same as checking your car after a trip to make sure no one dented it.

“He simply doesn’t trust you, regardless of what he says. If you say no, and he gets upset, it’s because he doesn’t trust you. End of story.”

And another added: “What I assume from this is that he wants to ‘inspect’ if there’s any sign of you cheating while he was gone. Which is extremely toxic.”

“Ok, this is just toxic and disgusting,” wrote a third user. “You’re being shown how controlling your spouse is and it’s going to get worse. I’d consider leaving him. Btw, I bet he’s cheating if he’s implying you’re cheating.”